Common Problems of Reversing Cameras and how You Can Fix

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Reversing cameras have been an essential part of a car since its introduction in the car industry in the 1960s. Among the additional kits of a vehicle, a reversing camera is undoubtedly the most important one. It is not just any accessory kit; it is a kit that helps you ensure safety, provides you with comfortable driving, and many more. However, its most common use is in parallel parking. As it is an essential tool for safety and sanity, you should know about reversing cameras all along.

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Although these are an essential part of a car, they sometimes do not work quite well. Sometimes, you install them wrong, and sometimes they do not work as they should. Moreover, if your camera suddenly stops working on the way, it will surely trouble you. In that situation, if you know the solution, you can quickly get back the vital tool to functioning. That is why we will share in this article some common problems of reversing cameras and how you can fix those problems.

Common Problems with Their fixation

Sometimes the problem is in the installation. The main reason for it is that people do not know much about backup cameras and their installation. However, there are sometimes some minor problems that can cause the error. If you know about those errors beforehand, you can solve the issues without taking your car to a technician. Here are some problems and how to fix them.

Low Image Quality

It is the most common problem of a backup camera. The problem features a fuzzy and or grainy image. This problem may seem very hard to solve, but it is, in fact, the easiest one. This problem usually occurs when the camera gets dirty. Your camera can get messy in several ways.

If your camera is too close to the ground, it may get dirty because of dust, mud, or rain. Arid and windy weather will make your camera dirty in no time. To solve this problem, you simply need to clean the camera. However, you need to be careful while cleaning the camera so that the lens does not get any scratch. Take a piece of lint-free, clean cloth. Then wipe the camera lens with it.

No Image on the Screen

When you put the reverse gear, the reversing camera’s image usually pops up on the screen. However, in this particular problem, you will find that even after putting the gear to reverse, the screen is blank, i.e., the reversing camera is not coming up at all. The likely cause of this problem is the fuse. When the fuse is blown, this problem occurs. Solving this problem is not so easy. The major challenging part is to locate the fuse.

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The first thing you need to do for locating the fuse is to refer to the user manual. As the fuse location varies depending on the camera or vehicle type, you must check the manual and find where it is located for your vehicle and camera type. You will find the fuse box under the steering wheel in some cars, whereas you will find it in the dash in some other vehicles. You may even find it in the glove box in case of some other vehicles.

The next thing is to determine which fuse is for the backup camera. That is to say, as you open the fuse box, you will find many fuses for different tools of your car. Among those, you have to determine the one for the rearview or backup camera and then replace it. However, you must check if the problem is actually in the fuse before replacing it. Usually, you can easily understand if the fuse is problematic by just looking at it. However, we would suggest that you test it with a new one so that you can be sure of the problem causation.

No Image Recording

It is another problem that happens due to unmindful and improper installations. If the setting is not alright, you may encounter this situation. The camera must be in the photography mode. You will need to set the mode at the time of installation in most cameras. However, you can always access the modes and change them as you want. There are video mode, playback mode, photography mode, etc. You can switch between them as per your need. There is a second cause behind this problem. If the internal memory is full, the camera will not be able to record new images for you.

Auto Camera in Reverse Gear

Unlike the point where the camera does not work at all, the camera is functional but does not automatically come up in reverse gear in this situation. This problem occurs due to loose wiring. The problem does not usually happen in pre-installed cameras as they are well-matched with your car. However, if you install an aftermarket backup camera in your vehicle, this might occur due to the third-party components.

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To solve the problem, at first, check if the wiring is loose. You can get detailed help regarding this problem from your user manual. Refer to the manual and trace the camera’s wiring system from one end to another. If there is any loose end, tighten it, and the problem should be fixed.

Blank LCD

It is a minor problem that occurs due to your lack of knowledge about your camera type. In some types, you need to switch the monitor button on to get images from the camera. Otherwise, your LCD will be blank. Solving this problem is as easy as it could be. You need to follow your user manual that came with the camera. If your camera requires a manual switch-on of the monitor, follow it and switch the monitor on.

Every Problem Has a Solution

Do not get frustrated at the solutions you might face. There is always a solution to each of those problems. The least you can do to avoid the issues is following the user manual properly.

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