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Security CCTV Cameras are a really perfect solution when you have experienced theft, a damage-in, vandalism, assets damage, or in case you need to save you from these incidents from taking place. Lasbuy focuses on growing advanced indoor and outside safety cameras. They may be custom constructed with modern-day features that provide you with steady peace of mind by knowing that your own home or business is safe and protected. You don't want a surveillance camera that sleeps during duty. Unlike battery back cameras which only turn on when they sense motion, Lasbuy got a wide range of CCTV cameras which you are looking and the interesting thing is that they stand to watch 24/7.

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If all the questions about the importance of home security surveillance are bobbing in your mind, you are in the right place to figure out the answers here.


  • Protect and Secure Your Home with a Home Security Cctv Cameras
  • Good for Fire Protection if You Have a home security surveillance
  • Lower Home Owner’s Insurance Premiums
  • Remotely Monitor with Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras
  • Promote Home Automation with the System
  • Useful for Medical Assistance
  • Provide Peace of Mind with a Home Security Surveillance System



The bottom line is.IF a circle of relatives of four having dinner out, and the monthly fee for professionally monitored security cameras, backed via trained alarm dispatchers, can provide all the above in just that one dinner cost. Additionally ensures emergency help and can be notified even if or when you can't call for it by yourself.


Lasbuy offers a very wide range of Home security surveillance cameras which are designed mainly for surveillance purposes. Of the tech we have tested, robust and with high-quality surveillance products. Many of these cameras are not cheap, but for external security, there is the cheaper collection like 1080P Bullet Camera, which will both serve their purpose well. Key features that set apart the best home security cameras include night vision; notification alerts sometimes, plenty of cloud storage for your recorded footage. Which are available almost in every product Lasbuy offers. But what kind of security camera do you need? Do you really have to splash out 200 AUD or more for a good one? The Lasbuy has taken a look at some of the top of the range and cheap in cost security tech so you can kit out your home.

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